Saturday, February 4, 2012

Prime Source 114PRCAP1 Plastic Caps

Prime Source 114PRCAP1 Plastic CapsPrime Source 114PRCAP1 Plastic Caps Features:• Caps are electrogalvanized for additional corrosion resistance and are ring shanked for increased holding power• The large head is ideal for holding roofing felt, sheathing, poly, and other materials in place that are prone to tearing when attached with a regular nail• Plastic• 1" head• 1 lb box• 1PRCAP1: 1"• 114PRCAP1: 1-1/4"• 112PRCAP1: 1-1/2"• 3PRCAP1: 3"
kazimir malevich suprematism subtitle exhibition publicat

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